So much cuteness...

came to visit the Falling Feather Farm that I had to take some pictures.


Had an itch to scratch on the barbwire fence.

A little snack.

Some play time

A kiss.

and all the while I was taking the pictures all I can smell is lilacs!

From the
Falling Feather Farm


Spring is here...

But I haven't got the spring "cleaning" fever yet. 
 One reason is that  I went to Palm Springs for a "Boost" conference and even though I was working I was able to "vacation" a little. Which makes me not want to be back in the real world quite yet.

And maybe, because it is just now the beginning of spring here in Wyoming.

My crab apple trees are blossoming...

My lilacs are blooming...

My poppies are popping...

and to my great surprise my lily of the valleys are growing!!!

I even have Iris getting ready to bloom.

I have ducklings that are getting bigger each day.
(I still have to name them)

 The garden is getting put together.  We moved the 10 boxes into the yard and made them into five taller boxes.  I hope to be able to plant it in the next few days.
This year I am keeping it simple by planting only the few basic veggies.  But next year I have some big plans for it.  First I want to plant only heirloom seeds so I can start to save my own seeds.
I also like the idea of heirloom seeds. 

My little helper today, she had a great time going under the weed barrier, as I was putting it down.

We also have lots of work to do here at the Falling Feather Farm...
like redoing the chicken coop nesting boxes and perch.  Making room for the ducks and adding a "pond".   Painting the coop a barn red and adding a barn quilt for some cuteness. 

(a couple of my girls)

And that is just the beginning...because I have a daughter that is getting married!!! I know... a very busy summer is coming. 

(the view from my dinning room window...so pretty)

Love from the
Falling Feather Farm