Happy Valentine's Day

So, here is my Valentines!
We will be married for 39 years this March.
We have had ups and some downs but we have stood by each other through it all.
And wouldn't have it any other way.

Butter, I love you!

from the
Falling Feather Farm


Pumpkin patch

I love pumpkins...real ones, fake ones, and ones that are made into yummy treats!   Last year I covered some of those orange fake pumpkins with book pages then made the vines and leaves.  I was really happy how they looked.  So out they came this year!

This is my tablescape...I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest or a Blog.  I am sorry I can't remember where but I am very thankful for the idea!  I was also inspired to go with a black and white theme.

So off I went to Billings (two hour drive to go to a Hobby Lobby, Micheal's, or Jo-Ann. But well worth it!)  I found some cute black and white fabric in fat quarters. Plus with some scrape fabric I had I started sewing.  I have two different sizes of little pumpkins scattered  through out my home. 

I added a white, fabric pumpkin here and there.

I am thinking that I will be changing the ribbons to orange ones for Halloween.

Our family room

This little pumpkin looks so good with the barn wood.

A bowl full of autumn goodies.  

On top of our piano...

And my black crows have found nice place to roost.  

The Falling Feather Farm 



I'm glad to be back!

It is so great to be back!  Thanks to a friend that fixed the problem!!  So now to catch up... This is a little project that I wanted to share just before I couldn't download any pictures.
 It is one of the items off   "My to do list" on Pinterest.  

Supplies needed are a piece of wood, I was lucky enough
 to have someone give me some barn wood.
These metal rings, I believe Butter called them 
hose clamps.  Again I was lucky because he had some in
his work shop. Wide mouth, pint size canning jars.  
I always extras of them.  Little screws and a screwdriver. 
A little math was involved, too.
It was easy enough to put together.
Measure the were you want the rings and jars to be placed.
Mark it, I also started a little hole in the rings with a nail and hammer. My first try at just using a screw didn't work as well as I wanted so I made a little hole in each ring.  I also wanted the part that tightens the ring in the front so that it would be easier to do as I add the canning jars.

Use a screwdriver to tighten the rings to the jars.

It is hanging in my family room.  Right now I have 
dried roses petals in each one with a small white candle 
in every other one.

I love it! 
It was fairly easy to do.
 Now what to put in the jars for Christmas?

Savvy Southern Style


Rooted In Thyme

Love from,
The Falling Feather Farm


Still no luck...

I am sorry to say that I still cannot download any pictures.  So I am going to have to get someone that knows more than me, which shouldn't be too hard since I know nothing of computers; except to blog and now I can't even figure that out!  You can keep track of things going on here at the Falling Feather Farm on my Instagram @thefallingfeatherfarm.  I am finally back to semi-normal...it has been a couple of hard years... and I have so many plans for our farm. Sharing them on this blog was one of them so I am dreaded the thought that I will not be able to fix the problem and have to stop my blog.  Take Care and have a great weekend!