Some things are done (finally) here at the Falling Feather.
The roof is done after the roofers had to deal with wind, rain and hail. I think there was some thunder and lighting in that mix too.  Butter and I are so happy with how it looks! We just love how it sounds when the rain hits it...isn't there a song lyrics about rain on a tin roof? If there is I can't remember it.  If you know of the song just leave me a comment because I will be thinking about it and most likely loose sleep over it. Due to the fact that in the middle of the night the title to the song will pop in my head and wake me up. 

Looks nice, don't you think?
I think our fence needs a new coat of paint...
did you notice the "heart" gate that hasn't been painted yet ;-)
(Sorry about the sun spots on the pictures)
The garden is all done, the boxes moved into the yard and doubled up.  So I don't have to bend over so much and have less to weed, a plus plus! The soil is spread out from Butter dumping it in the boxes with the tractor. I went through it a handful at a time, no joke, to remove any morning glory vines, roots or pieces.  They are the most annoying weed!!! And it took forever to do and I'm sure that I didn't get them all.  Two of the boxes still need more soil in them so that they are full but for right now they will work for squash and pumpkins.   I'm going to try to have the mini-pumpkins grow on an arch.  Butter made to arch out of a cow panel.  I hope it works because I think it would look great.  The final touch was putting up my scarecrow woman, I need to find a big straw hat for her still.  I find that her dress blowing in the wind deters the wild life we have here in Wyoming.   

This is my new tag-a-long, I still have to name him.  He isn't sure about his surroundings yet and must miss his family because he meows ALL the time.

 The hens are all well and  love having the run of the farm. I was able to find three of them so I could take a picture of them.  These three were by our compost box, which is a favorite stop for them as they look for bugs and such to eat.

And finally the ducks.  I have to say that they are as much, if not more fun to watch as my chickens are.  Each morning I show, herd would be a better word, them the way out of the enclosure so they can free range. It is so fun to see them waddling along in a line. Even though they are all white now, I am still waiting for them to mature so I can tell if I have five girls or five boys or a nice mix.  I would be happy with just one drake and the rest hens but knowing my luck I will have all drakes.  I have also discovered that the kiddie pool has to be upgraded to a watering tough that can be drained.  Ducks are very messy and their water needs changed ever so often.  That will be a next year investment, if I can last that long!!! 

 I am truly blessed by a loving Heavenly Father that we are able to live on our farm. To have a comfortable home. To have a garden. To have animals on our farm (right now we are blessed with 8 chickens, 5 ducks, 4 dogs and 3 cats.)  And being able to add more animals to the group each year.  Next year I'm hoping to add a couple of mini goats and rabbits. My goal....A Petting Zoo, of course! A place where when my grandkids come and enjoy the different animals.  Right now they are excited about the ducks.  I love farm life!!!

Blessed days ahead from The Falling Feather Farm



here at the Falling Feather.
It's breakfast time...

The ducks are settling in with the chickens.
They aren't quite friends yet.

It's gardening time.
See all those plants? Well, they are all Brussel sprouts. Yes, that is right, Brussel sprouts. And I don't even like them!  How did I get so many...a husband, that's how.  He got it into his head that I wanted them. I even sent him a list of plants to get in a text.  He said he looked at it. Um, no! 
So I guess I am going to get to like them.

The tomatoes are looking good.

And these are the raspberries, sorry about the light.
Also planted in this box is strawberries, spinach and lettuce.

Then a huge wind storm...no rain just lots of wind. Our firewood...

that was nicely stacked. until we heard this at 2:30 in the morning.

A new metal roof today? Look at the sky. 
Do you think we will be lucky enough to get it finished?

Well we weren't so lucky. They have to stop because of this... 

rain and hail.

We have a lake in our front driveway.
Can you see the raindrops and hail hitting the water?
Great news! The guys are back to work!!! 
  I will post pictures of the farmhouse when it's all done.


The Falling Feather Farm


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—Neill F. Marriott, "Yielding Our Hearts to God"

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