At the Falling Feather

We have two new additions to our coop...
let me introduce you to Chicken Parmesan (the Rhode Island Red) and Chicken Pot pie (I can't remember what kind of chicken my friend told me she was)... 

They seem to be happy and our other hens,
Kung Pao...


Nugget (the Buff Orpington) and Gordon bleu,   

Yes, I have a weird sense of humor, what can I say.  And none of this sweet girls are for the stew pot! I love to watch them as they search the farm for bugs and whatnots.  The whatnots being my lettuce in my garden.  The hens have eaten most of my lettuce and spinach but they haven't the taste for my swiss chard as of yet.
They are just fun to watch and give me eggs so I can't get to mad at them for eating the greens!   And so far no bickering between them, which I was a little afraid of when I added Parm and Pot pie. So it is all good here at the Falling Feather.

This is Squeakers, she decided to get a drink out of the hens water as I let them out to free range.


"Ask yourself, are the comparisons you may make of yourself and others based on the model of the Savior's life, or do they come from trying to fit your life into the patterns of others' lives?"
-Ardeth G. Kapp

"True personal worth comes from a secure relationship with Heavenly Father. Individual worth is intrinsic; it is internal; it is eternal.  It is something that cannot be taken from us when the blossom of youth fades, when economic conditions leave us desolate, when sickness or handicaps befall us, or when prominence and visibility are obscured." -Joanne B. Doxey



At the Falling Feather Farm, Butter and I have an orchard.  We are trying hard to keep the 2 apricot trees, 8 assorted apple trees, 4 plum trees, 1 pie cherry tree and now just 1 pear tree.  Which makes me very sad that I only have one pear tree left and we don't know why it decided to die on us when last year it produced so well.  But this year are little cherry tree is loaded!  I am so thankful the birds haven't gotten to the cherries yet.  I still have some that need a little more time to ripen. So I am a happy person again!  

I was able to get 4 cups of cherries!!! So I could make this...

Now it is done and I can hardly wait to try it. 

I hope it is yummy...


Happy Father's Day

"There is nothing that can take the place of a listening father.  
His ears and heart must both be in tune.  There is not substitute."
-H. Burke Peterson