So I am writing this short post to say "WHATTTTTTTTTT IS GOINGGGGGGG ON!!!" I can't download any of my pictures!!!!  To say the least I am NOT happy.  I hope to get this worked out and be back to posting soon!  THANKS for being understanding...have a great day!


Come on in for a visit...

This year I am joining...
even though I am a little late to the party!  I hope you don't mind.
I want to start out by showing you some pictures of my studio from about a year ago.
I had it in a small "bedroom" in the basement.  Cozy, yes. Workable, yes. Enough room, no.



I was asking myself about  part of the basement that I was going to use as a bunk room for our Grandkids.  I love them dearly but I thought about how often they visit
 to how often I am in my studio.
Guess where my studio is...
and welcome.... 

With this larger room, I am able to teach classes, have craft time with the Grandkids and spread out my projects.
The heart that is hanging is something that I want to do more of, Locker Hooking.
I have taught myself and want to do much more of it.  I find it relaxing, kind of how people find knitting or crocheting to be.  (Which I don't)

(I am a Star Wars fan so my family gives me Star Wars stuff)

As you can see, I had Butter take the upper cupboards from out of my old studio and place them at desk height and spread them out then add a top.  Now I can use my big table, that Butter build, for other things than a sewing table.
On the other wall is my shelves, full shelves I should say.
As I was moving my things out here all I could think of is "How in the world did all this fit in that small room?!?!?" 

My tool box.  It is huge and holds tons of stuff : scrapbook paper, patterns, sewing supplies, stamps, soap making stuff, embroidery floss and supplies, shells, metal bits and pieces, game pieces, canvas, glitter, so on and so on...oh' and it holds my tools.

Books to alter.

Pinecones to bleach.

I have lots and lots of eggs. (this is just a few of them)
I got these from Wal-Mart on clearance for next to nothing. 
 I love them because now I don't have to mess around with plastic
 one and they are easier to decorate.
My this and that's...

You can never have enough crayons!
Thanks for stopping in for a visit. 
 Now it is time to ...

The Falling Father Farm


Yard Sale Makeover

 Butter found this at a yard sale for $5.
I thought why not?  I can use it some where.
So home it came with us.
I decided it has been a month too long of just sitting there in
our mudroom.  It was time to make it shine.
I love the designs on it..

After a clean up and first coat of white paint.
Loving it!!!

I let it dry then did two more coats.
When it was all dry, we moved it into
the family room.  I say we because it is
What do you think?

I love it!!!
The Falling Feather Farm



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